BAAC Accountants & Business Advisors

We are an Accounting and Business Advisory company. We operate under four segments which are:

  • Accounting, Tax and Payroll
  • Financial Analysis and Advisory
  • Business Analysis and Advisory
  • Business Growth and Expansion

We always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by understanding their needs and need for growth; offering them tailor-made, cost-effective and value-adding solutions that meet their requirements.

Skycom Solutions

SKYCOM’S products and services have a proven track record in harsh and demanding environments, making them ideal for a wide variety of clients within numerous sectors.

The company is driven to ensure safe, cost-effective and efficient work environments. Through continuous internal and externally-triggered research & development, it understands the critical role that technology and specialised solutions play in achieving these goals. These focal points have placed SKYCOM at the forefront of providing customised solutions for over 25 years, within various countries

Specialized Battery Systems

With over 22 years of experience in the battery industry, at Specialised Battery Systems we have been able to build a customer-centric, solutions-driven and one of the most competitive companies in our industry.

Understanding the critical nature of our markets and being a company in constant evolution enable us to serve our customers with the best personalised services that they deserve.

We’d love to build something great together and we are excited to assist you with your needs.

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